We’ve exposed our people…

We’ve exposed our people to the best programs. All our efforts at ‘unwiring’ people and trying to ‘fix’ deficiencies haven’t worked. I need to see real change and not just great feedback forms. I need to see ROI.

A lot of well meaning change initiatives focus on ‘fixing’ problems & what isn’t working. A few questions worth pondering over:

  • Do these change initiatives make your people defensive? Thereby increasing the resistance to change?
  • Do they result in reduced energy and motivation? A state that works against building the energy that change initiatives require?
  • Do they end in blame games? Thereby adversely impacting the trust equations between people?

Instead of ‘unwiring’ people, positive methods by building on strengths and successes are proving to be a lot more energizing and therefore productive. For clients like you who want to see real change and ROI, I have developed The ChangeThatStays Model – a simple but rigorous model that addresses the eco-system and not just a sub-set of it. Because change that has inter-dependencies with the eco-system must involve the entire eco-system.

Looks interesting?  Click here to download a detailed note titled Get ROI on your People Development Efforts 100% of the time