Virtue is its own reward. But sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion.

Kavi Arasu, ex-Asian Paints

# 1 of the Top 20 Indian HR Influencers on Social Media (as judged by SHRM India)

Think of a partner who brings energy into every single learning program / project. Someone who has many years of ‘field experience’ rolled along with an excellent grasp of concepts and topped with sound stage presence. Throw in ‘deep listening’ and add his desire to passionately search to find ‘what works for the learner & his context’.If you are looking for all of the above and therefore, someone who connects seamlessly with all levels of an organisation, well, Sujit is the man to call. We have collaborated on several projects with ‘Innovation’ as a core theme with him and he is amongst the best ! More power to him

Surendra Bhariya, Sandvik Asia

The workshop was really effective and insightful. Sujit was extremely articulate and his approach was simple and easy to follow. Defining a vision and direction for the next 5 years is no easy task, but Sujit made the overall experience very enjoyable and un-stressful. All credit to him for facilitating a complex topic in a light yet focused manner.

Roy K E, MTR Foods

We engaged Sujit for our visioning intervention “Go Big” in 2010 and also to recast our mission “Go Bigger” in 2014. He has delivered the desired outcome for these interventions through a structured and collaborative process. Sujit is an expert in exploring, synthesising and distilling the collective intent of the organisation to co-evolve the Vision, Mission and Values. He is one of the most effective facilitators I have come across with excellent ability to help organisation to navigate through challenging discussions and arrive at well considered outcomes. I strongly recommend Sujit for similar interventions.

Smitashree Menon, Motorola Mobility

Sujit was very quick in being able to gauge the intervention that was required for our organization, given that we were undergoing a culture change as well as a business transformation. His ability of being able to design the right elements for our intervention that focused purely on positivity, empowerment, and self- belief in one’s own strengths (which can be leveraged tremendously both personally as well as for the organization), resonated very well with the participants. He is extremely passionate about what he does and a very good facilitator who is able to draw out the best from the participants and channelize it appropriately, which then becomes a very powerful tool for the organization. Great work done, Sujit!

Anup Malavia – ex-Atos India

The Yellow Submarine has been associated with Atos for more than 3 years on People and Management development interventions. Sujit has been a very professional person. He has the ability to engage at all levels and ensure that the problem is understood in a crystal clear manner before moving into design stage. We find this an important quality because through his probing, he derives clarity on the issue. Also, his ability to ask open ended question provide a very good room for his clients to consider the challenge on hand from multiple other dimensions – thus leading to a creation of a holistic solution.

Naresh Bajaj, TAFE

Sujit has been working with us quite intensively on the topics of Innovation & Creativity in various divisions of TAFE. He has created an organisational pull for him and his interventions, hence we decided to engage him for our Finance Meet – Activity Based Learning and for a unique intervention to support our project teams to effectively plan and create their draft plans for critical business impact projects. Sujit’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious and needs to be experienced to be believed. If you are looking at energising your team along with delivering concrete learning objectives, Sujit is one of your best bets. We intend engaging Sujit even more intensely in the current FY to deliver on our L&D requirements.

Ganapathy Krishnan, Bhumi

I have experienced Sujit’s leadership training and it has significantly helped me and my colleagues in enriching our leadership abilities. His innovative approaches in imparting the skills and ability to keep the participants on the edge of their seat is noteworthy. The best part is his personal connect with the participants during the course of training. Despite conducting his first programme for the social sector, he never made us think so !!! He helped us feel the difference that we dream 🙂

Anjali Singh, Novartis India

I had got some great feedback on a workshop that Sujit had conducted a while ago and when I had the opportunity to get him back – I did just that. It was a mixed group of very senior and junior colleagues and he connected with all of them seamlessly. What stood out for me was Sujit delivering on what he had been hired for – even at times by taking on difficult participants. We identified a few key focus areas in the workshop and these are being followed through. I often find some of the participants using his phrases in our day to day operations

Usha Subramaniam, ex-TAFE

Sujit has conducted workshops for our participants as part of an initiative to offer learning support to some important projects in the organization. Sujit displayed sharp connect to the issues and needs that we sought to address through the initiative, and it was a pleasant experience to co-design the program with him. The workshop itself was facilitated in an extremely good way. Sujit’s ability to involve and impact the audience through his interactive approach is quite admirable. Coupled with his coaching style, the take away for the participants as well as the learning initiative was quite substantial. TAFE looks forward to working with Sujit again in future

Teruko Kagohashi, Independent Education Consultant, Japan.

Sujit’s impact was two-fold on me. As a prospective coach, I was fortunate to have an exposure to an outstanding coaching style – that I want to emulate in many ways. As a client, I was able to get my life back

Shaillender Mittal, Senior Sales Professional, Oracle India.

I was transitioning through a phase and struggling to come to terms with re-engineering & re-establishing myself all over again. With Sujit as my coach, not only did I identify the factors contributing to my struggles and get back assertively into rhythm , but I also took control of the future course of my life