Shalini Behl

Shalini Behl


As a marketing specialist, understanding and working with consumer insight and consumer behavior has been the forte of my work over two decades. Insights are necessary to build successful brand marketing campaigns and also manage issues of teamwork, motivation, and productivity to deliver results for the organization.

Building on this competence, I deliver solutions for leadership and teamwork to help organisations achieve business growth. My experiences, learnings and the human story, which is reflective and transformational form the basis of my work.

Having been a science student and a management graduate today I enjoy the variance of emotions and the impact they have on our life and our decision making process. For it’s true – emotions drive people and people drive performance. As an EQ practitioner, I deep dive into the vortex of emotions scientifically and help people get ‘smarter about their feelings’.

After twenty years of experience in having supported organizations like Sony Entertainment, Zee Network, Reliance Communications and as an evangelist for start ups, I am thrilled to partner The Yellow Submarine in the EQ space.