Our senior leadership team…

Our senior leadership team is constantly operating at lower levels than what they should be. Consequently, the entire organization seems to be in the fire-fighting and problem solving mode. Who is thinking of shaping the future? We’ve got to get our people to operate at the levels that they’ve been hired for.

What could be the reasons for this happening at your organization?

  • Could it be that they lack the skills and competencies of operating at current levels? And are therefore operating at lower levels?
  • Could it be that they do not trust their direct reports to do a decent job and therefore get involved in operational stuff?
  • Could it be that the direct reports genuinely do not have the skills and competencies of delivering at their levels, forcing the managers and leaders to step in?

Shouldn’t your leaders and managers move away from ‘feeding fish’ to ‘teaching their direct reports to fish’. Unless they get their direct reports to think and deliver they will end up doing work a level lower thereby impacting the organization productivity adversely. For clients like you who want to see your leaders / managers focusing on strategic initiatives while their direct reports work on the operations space, I have developed The ChangeThatStays Model – a simple but rigorous model that addresses the eco-system and not just a sub-set of it. Because change that has inter-dependencies with the eco-system must involve the entire eco-system.

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