Our approach to people…

Our approach to people development has been a combination of reactive and proactive training events around various competencies. What is needed is a cost-effective bundle of sustained initiatives. Only then, will we see results.

Why do training events rarely work?

  • Don’t your people walk into programs with well formed habits? Is it practical to expect them to form new habits and demonstrate new behavior after a 1 or 2 day program?
  • Shouldn’t the participants be given an opportunity to internalize their learning by applying it on-the-job?
  • Haven’t we all learned whatever we know now after immersing ourselves in a specific context over a period of time?

If people development initiatives are being rolled out for visible behavior change, that will only happen if people apply and re-apply what they’ve learned on their jobs. And this calls for some levels of coaching or mentoring and guiding so that they get it right. For clients like you who want to see visible change post your people development programs, I have developed The ChangeThatStays Model – a simple but rigorous model that addresses the eco-system and not just a sub-set of it. Because change that has inter-dependencies with the eco-system must involve the entire eco-system.

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