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Bangalore’s Sujit Sumitran offers many such tutorials to overseas clients. “ In order to be an effective life coach you have to be a good listener and pick up on not just what people say but what they mean. You need to block out the world and concentrate on what the client is saying. You cannot afford to be judgmental or bring your own baggage to the table.”

Sumitran, who also coaches other people to be coaches too, recalls the incident of a woman getting her life coach certification from him. She was very unsure of herself because she was raised in a very traditional home where the man of the house made all the decisions. “She deferred to her husband for every little thing, till one day I tried a little role reversal technique on her and made her my life coach for a while. It worked like a charm and her self-confidence grew by just this action.”

Sometimes, it’s not just about restoring self worth, it’s also about saving lives. Sumitran had a client who worked for a large MNC but had made some very bad career moves. He was deeply in credit card debt and on the verge of suicide. “I had to quell my instinctive panic, calmly talk him through the consequences of his untimely death and help him put a plan in place to salvage the situation. We used to meet for an hour in the park and have long conversations. He is now back on his feet and happily debt-free,” Sumitran recalls.
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