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India Today‘s Bangalore cover story – Cooking Up a Storm

Raised in a family of exceptionally good cooks, Sujit Sumitran is tempted into believing that the art of cooking can be genetically passed on. “Even my journalist daughter is a food critic,” he quips to seal the argument. The Indian society is used to images of mothers and wives pottering on in the kitchen as husbands put their feet up and bury their noses in the newspaper.

For Sumitran, a keynote speaker and professional trainer, this gender stereotype is passe. To one as passionate as he is about cooking, it is a pleasure that extends many hours over the weekend. “Apart from being a potent stress buster, it unleashes the creative streak and sets my juices flowing,” he says. Sumitran still swears by the power of the ancient forgotten way when it comes to cooking. His charcoal smoked dum biriyani is a raging hit with family and friends alike. His advice to the unlettered? “Patience and passion are the most important ingredients in any man’s kitchen.”
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