I need a partner who…

I need a partner who will work with my people on the values and competencies of my organization. I’m tired of canned programs that are being ‘contexted’ to my needs. I need customized work, that my people can apply immediately at work.

Many a well-intentioned people development initiative involves putting your people through standard ‘off-the-shelf’ programs that sound like they’re the panacea for all their challenges. And very often the people who deliver these programs are not the people who have created the program themselves. They merely deliver using a cookie cutter approach that may or may not hit the sweet spot for your people. A few questions to ponder over:

  • Do your people find such programs relevant to their business context?
  • Do you find your people struggling to make a connect between the content and the context?
  • Do your people find it impossible to easily apply what they’ve learnt earlier as they don’t have the time to do so?

For your people to be able to immediately apply new concepts that they’ve been exposed to, the content must be created context-back. It has to be specific, not generic. It must be easy to apply in their work place and lead to quick and easy wins. For clients like you who want custom built content that your people can start using immediately after the program, I have developed The ChangeThatStays Model – a simple but rigorous model that addresses the eco-system and not just a sub-set of it. Because change that has inter-dependencies with the eco-system must involve the entire eco-system.

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