Gnana Shekar A. N.

Gnana Shekar A. N.

IMG_0322 - Version 2 When I meet new people the second question they ask me is “what do you do?” And I always get their attention with my response – “I am an Outdoor Educator”. I started my outdoor career in 1999 in a rock and wall climbing competition. Over the years, I have completed the Basic Mountaineering course from The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Trip Leaders Course from The National Outdoor Leadership School ( and the Wilderness First Responder from the Wilderness Medicine Institute, NOLS ( I have several podium finishes in sport climbing at zonal, state & national events.

I use my outdoor experience to design simulations that support experiential learning for corporations. These simulations are designed to build awareness around leadership, teaming, change management, etc. The enjoyable nature of the activities and the inputs of the participants themselves contribute to the “stickiness” of the learning’s. The stakes are low resulting in risk-taking and active participation by all. Some of the clients that I have partnered with are Accenture, Broadcom, HP, SBI, Taegutec, Unilever, etc.

It’s been 16 years and there isn’t even a hint of a dip in my passion. I attribute this to traveling and meeting new people and realising how much more there is to learn!!!!

In my spare time I indulge in endurance sports like Running, Swimming, Cycling & Kayaking. Incidentally, if you’re wondering what’s the first question that’s thrown at me when I meet new people – it’s either what’s your name or how do you maintain your hair?

I partner with The Yellow Submarine to deliver experiential programs that accelerate learning & transformation.