We reap what we sow!

The seeds are in one’s thoughts. And of the thoughts that one nurtures a few germinate into dreams. And eventually a few dreams transforms the dreamer to create a new reality that was once upon a time not even a thought.

So, what makes it so easy or so difficult to bridge the divide between a mere thought and a dream come true? In my case it’s always been about a compelling reason to change! A reason that’s far more seductive and exciting, despite the fact that it’s not necessarily comforting to start with. A reason that makes the endless hours of self doubt and second guessing, worth trudging through. A reason that makes one’s optimism the only tool that one falls back on every day. A reason that, in hind sight, makes the journey as enriching as the destination!

What are your dreams? Are they compelling enough to make you take a leap of faith? If yes – what are you waiting for? If no – will you be guilty of a future that will be nothing but a repetition of your past?

The seeds are always in one’s thought…we reap what we sow!

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