Is it fear of failure or is it absence of courage?

Doing anything new involves change. And change is all about letting go of one trapeze in the air to catch the next one. And while we’re transitioning from the first trapeze to the second, for a small period of time, we have nothing to hold on to. Nothing!  But soon, we latch on the second trapeze heading our way and this gets us to a newer destiny.

If we cling on to the first trapeze, afraid that we might fall and consequently fail, we will always return to where we were earlier. Safe, comfortable with nothing new or different.

Some think it’s fear of failure that holds us back. It’s not that the one’s that actually let go of their trapezes to head elsewhere do not experience fear. It’s not that they’re not scared. It’s just that they do it anyway. And with every successive attempt they  are less scared than before. And with every successive attempt, they just get better and better.

Remember your first attempt to ride a bicycle?

The next time you experience fear, ask yourself – is it fear of failure or the absence of courage?

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This is extremely well written.

Failure can be a motivation for some and for others its a reason for not trying anything new. That doesn’t mean that you do something new with zero fear. I am sure every one carries a fear even when they try something blindly but its just the ratio of courage and fear one carries while trying something new which determines their next attempt.

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