My life is a laboratory in which I can’t learn much from others’ experiments!

I over heard a conversation between 2 people at the airport terminal last week. A was ‘advising’ B on how to not make the same mistakes that C had, in his life choices, and how B could learn from C’s mistakes.

A well intentioned conversation of course and one that  triggered a few thoughts  –

We’re  largely still a society obsessed with not making mistakes and better still avoiding them by learning from others’ mistakes. So, when we learn from someone else’s mistake, do we really learn? I mean will the contexts not have changed at all? And is there a possibility that we’re aborting an opportunity to succeed at something that comes easy to us, that someone else probably wasn’t capable of?

Our choices and the ensuing experiences shape us and if all we do in our life is avoid mistakes what will we succeed at? Is it possible to grow without trying something new and is it possible to try something new without making a mistake at least once?

If  you saw your  life as a laboratory for experimenting – would you still want to learn from someone else’s experiments?

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