The future doesn’t just happen. Your actions create it today, but it shows up tomorrow!

I’ve spent years living a life of playing safe – by assuming that I can insure my future from uncertainties. And no matter how hard I tried the certainty about life’s uncertainties continued. My worldview in this phase was that the world is a complex web of events  over which I had no control. And the best way to deal with this is was to survive. And as long as I held on this world view, the world kept hurling changes at me at in such unexpected ways and with such rapid succession that I seemed to be permanently at the receiving end.

And one day the penny dropped!

I realized that the world isn’t what it is but what I make of it. It’s a opportunity for me to express myself and to do what I can to create a better tomorrow for myself and for those who matter. And now, the world keeps offering me opportunities to reshape my life and my world into what really matters.

So, what’s your world view? Is it a complex web of events over which you have no control or one that allows you to shape it one day at a time?


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