Who I am when no-one’s looking will determine how everyone sees me when they’re looking! :)

The Internet has changed everything. You can become an overnight brand if you position yourself well. Social media helps you to easily project an image that would appeal to your target audience. And if you’re consistent with your messaging, it’s only a matter of time before they give you an opportunity to deliver on your messaging.

Cut to the present. How often have you found that what you get is not the same as what you expected? How often have you experienced a yawning gap between ‘branding’ and delivery? How often have you felt that you’ve been taken?

The Internet has indeed changed everything! If you do not deliver on your promises, you don’t just ignored, you get broadcasted – negatively. And the ‘virality’ that ensues, ensures that all your positioning rupees that created a lot of sound end up as noise.

It helps to understand what you really stand for. To be authentic. To consistently and effortlessly deliver on what you’ve been broadcasting– again and again and again. But for that, you’ve got to make sure you aren’t wearing a mask – cause masks are difficult to sustain and they get heavier as time goes by … and its only a matter of time before they slip and reveal the real you.

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